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The Importance of E-Recycling

By optimal | June 5, 2018 | 0 Comment

The Importance of E-Recycling

Everyone’s got old equipment and electronics, yet not a lot of people still know how to dispose of them properly. They usually end up in landfills, which is really not the place for them. The Consumer Electronics Association made a study and discovered that there are approximately two dozen electronic gadgets in each American household. Those obsolete gadgets and electronic devices, along with the ones at the end of their usefulness, are considered e-waste.

The thing is, they aren’t meant to be thrown away like regular trash, though some people still do that, unfortunately. This is where e-recycling comes in.

At SAMR, we believe in recycling responsibly and effectively. For over fifteen years now, we have become the single source for the disposal of outdated electronics of many businesses and institutions.

We also believe in sharing the foundations of what we do to spread awareness.

What is e-recycling?

End-of-life computers and other electronic devices can actually be recycled, refurbished, or reused. These practices fall under the e-recycling process. Aside from proper and secure disposal, these kinds of e-waste contain material that can be recycled into newer gadgets – glass, some plastic, metals, are just some of the more common recyclable materials.

For us, it is all about safe and responsible handling of electronics, with emphasis on security for those with sensitive data that need wiping out.

Why is it important?

E-recycling is vital to keeping landfills from overflowing, for one. For instance, people who throw away their batteries don’t know that there are harmful and hazardous chemicals that could leech into the environment and cause diseases, with lithium, lead, zinc, and copper being some of the main culprits.

This practice also helps conserve energy, raw material, manpower, and resources, aside from helping keep pollution at bay.

What services fall under e-recycling at SAMR?

We offer a host of e-recycling services at SAMR Inc. so you won’t need to worry about your obsolete and end-of-life electronics ending up at a landfill somewhere and harming people. You can count on us for:

Drop-Off Container Programs
Electronics Recycling Pick-Up Service
Asset Management Solutions
Electronics Recycling Collection Events
Electronics Recycling Drop-Off
Secure Data Destruction
Battery Recycling
Lamp and Ballast Recycling

So call us today at 1.866.509.SAMR(7267) to know how we can help you be a responsible e-recycler today!



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